I've never been open with my therapists

My therapists have always liked me. No wonder, I’ve done all the work for them. I ramble on and on never running out of things to say, but never getting to important things, though I know how to appear totally open. Maybe if one kept working at my clinic for more than a few months I’d open up and get some help. Once I had a therapist for 3 years though and I never opened up. My mind goes blank and I don’t know myself what to say.


See it as a good thing, change the narrative. You could be like a chameleon.

I’m preety much the same, never do I say what I think to the point that I’m not sure if I have anything else in me other then emptines and desire to be accepted and to mold on others personality


I know exactly what you mean. But the pretend conversations I had in my head with my therapist helped me process a lot of my problems and I worked through a lot of crap that way.


Being a chameleon means I don’t get hurt because i don’t attach or really belive the things I say.

It means I could be anyone with anyone, and if I’m smart, stable and functional I could be succesfull
And I will be

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I do that too princess, I think I figure it out, all that socratic questioning


This just came to mind. I saw on YouTube that Nietzsche felt people were trying to lead him away from the truth and that was part of his reason for isolation. Another reason is, in my opinion, he was unbearably arrogant and could not relate to people’s stupidity.


I think Nietzsche was unbearably ignorant.

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I’ve never been truly open with my therapists either.

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I’ve been very open with my therapist of three years. A few things I have never brought up bc I am not in therapy for those topics. I believe boundaries are important even while on the couch.

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One time I told a drug and alcohol counselor about my suicidal ideation, and he made some calls, and I got put on suicide restriction. I lost all my privileges, and I had to stay in a small lounge for a month. I decided that if something is really an immanent threat you should talk about it, but don’t exaggerate your difficulties. Keep things in perspective.

it’s up to you to decide whether or not you trust a therapist. You don’t have to feel forced. I don’t have a therapist anymore. I choose to trust my family.

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