I've made friends with all the older women in group

There’s like 5-6 women in their 40’s and 50’s in my group and I’ve made friends with all of them. One I was already friends with but today we were having a discussion and I realized I was the only male who was talking really and there were like 5 women talking and then me and it was fun. Then we were chatting a lil in the parking lot. One lady was telling me about her medicinal marijuana it was funny we spoke the same language. I like them all as friends and they’re real nice to me.


Now that I think of it I made friends with all the younger women too except 1 of them I don’t like but I just was in the older women’s group today. Last week and the week before I was in the younger peoples group. IOP is good :slight_smile:

I’m happy to hear you’re making friends BigJ :slight_smile: .

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I’ve made friends with almost all the older women in my assisted living facility too.

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Cool bro. Some of the women that are older to you would be only slightly older to me.

Doing well dude. Keeps you in the game and it’s nice being nice to people! Keep on keeping on!

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