I've learned not to ask

people for ride. I’m talking about people I know. Just say no if you don’t want to take me. It’s batshit windy and cold. Instead don’t answer your phone.

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These antipsychotic medications make the chill of winter bite into us much worse than people who don’t have to take the medications we do. There is always the threat of hypothermia. Maybe you could offer to help pay for gas.


Even with offer to pay for gas they don’t want to go anywhere. It’s stupid of me to ask I guess but the whole four years I had a car I was taking everyone around.

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Maybe you could look for favors you could do them in return for rides. Maybe you could sweep their sidewalk, or something like that. Maybe you could babysit for them if they have kids. People will often reciprocate.


True. I think it’s the weather as to why no one wants to go anywhere. Duh. Slap to head.

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Sometimes people are cold and just don’t care, but on another not you shouldn’t have to jump thru hoops to get a lift from a caring friend.

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