I've just fallen out with my housemate because he was mouthing my off behind my back

I heard from another housemate (my friend) that he he was saying I always leave the kitchen in a mess and that he’s peed off because me and the other housemate share our support staff together. When writing it down it does sound trivial but he made me feel paranoid and that can intensify if I start thinking everybody is against me so I asked him directly if he has a problem with me to say it to my face which then it turned into a massive argument with us both squaring up to each other and having to be separated by staff.


It’s not a good idea to listen to rumors. Someone might have just been trying to cause drama for you. Maybe you can wait until you’re both calmed down and then just tell him it hurt your feelings to hear that he was talking about you behind your back, and if he has an issue he needs to discuss with you, you will be calm and listen.

When you’re sharing a common space with others, it is important to keep that area clean.


He causes the biggest mess in the house and has ago at me for leaving a few crumbs.

It sounds like you could benefit from a mediated discussion with him. Can your support workers help you with that?


I try and be respectful towards him. I don’t out him on his bad habbits, we normally get on okay but I can’t handle it when he’s mouthing me off behind my back to people that makes me extremely paranoid.

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