I've just done something manic I think

Now I’m trying to catch my breath. I’m in Canada. Vancouver B.C. is only a 3.5 hour drive up from Seattle and enough was enough. I couldn’t take it anymore. Too much at our door step and other things were going on. It was time to just get out of here and decompress.

Maybe it’s stress relief, maybe its manic or panic, or maybe it’s the right thing to do…

I did what I had to do at work, packed a case for myself and my sis and when she got home I told her I needed her to come with me to a place just out of town.

Then I didn’t stop driving. We’re here in Canada. She’s still on light duty/sick leave and I was able to cash in some 16 hours of vacation leave. Tomorrow and Thursday no harm no fowl.

She and I will go home Friday. No negative brothers, no bad news at our door, no unwanted advice, no poking in. We can both get away from Seattle and the fog. Vancouver is a bit cloudy but I can see Grouse Mountain. I’m getting my heart rate down. The sis is surprised but well.

She said she was craving Old Dutch All Dressed Up potato chips. It’s the first time she’s craved anything like that in ages. Old Dutch isn’t sold in the U.S. It just all started making sense. Go to Canada and get Old Dutch Chips… and kinder eggs.

I’m trying to sort of catch my breath and calm down. I know I’ll have to call the parents before too long, but not right now. It’s nice being off the family radar for now.


Doesn’t sound manic, just sounds like you took an opportunity to take a vacation to me…sounds like you and your sis could use it. First she vomits blood, then has surgery, your head circus goes rampant due to fog, so you were like “■■■■ this”. I would have done the same.

Sounds pretty rational, really. Not manic.

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It does sound manic but you are not committing any sins. Hurting others or even running away from responsibility.

Keep us informed of where you go next



It’s good to get away from it all. It’s like the concept I heard a lot in the 90’s, it’s “Taking care of yourself”.

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when you eventually have a wife and kids your holidays are going to be cool and so fun.
" where are we going to for the holiday ?" says one of your kids to the other .
" who knows we could be going to the moon ! "
" cool , dad is the best !! "
take care


Welcome to Canada eh! (I think we Canadians really do overuse the word eh. I do)

Vancouver is about 1 hour from where my daughter is living.

Old Dutch All Dressed… yum. My son likes kinder eggs although it’s the toy he’s after. The chocolate goes in the garbage. I just got some for the care package for my daughter.

Relax and enjoy!


I hope you have fun. You guys have been going through a lot i think it will be a nice break!

it doesnt sound manic at all, J. You deserve the break you are getting. You and the kid sis have gone through so much and you just need to relax. okay?


It may have been impulsive a bit, but its hard to say if its connected to mania. I have been feeling Hypomanic which are smaller manias due to the Lamictal - it elevates my mood to that point at times. You may have needed some to to go take a break with your sister. Sounded like it was fun

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Thank you for that. It might be more panic then manic.

I was a little out of my head when all this was being thrown together. Didn’t tell the parents. Told the boss I’d be gone but didn’t say where. Did NOT tell the brothers. Just couldn’t stop driving. The border crossing didn’t even faze me this time.

Getting out of the fog was a life saver.

Good for you J, Im sure it was well worth it

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No doubt about it, the weather is a powerful force.

Thats great that you got the time to get away.