I've heard that city people are happier than country people

No such luck for our generation!


I’d like to move in Watford or Pinner area myself. Croxley maybe is cheaper too.

That’s insane. London bubble is awfully expensive. They are lucky it’s rocketed in value, but I’m sure it’s not easy to maintain if anything happens eg when you remortgage the house and things.

Have you seen how crazy down payments on mortgages are these days? Three digit thousands minimum. It’s stressful

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Yeah she still paying off two mortgages as she remortgaged the place to buy another. I can’t even afford to rent her place

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Yeah. Watford is very close to London, it’s practically the same city because it is so close. I imagine it is still quite expensive.

I’ve only ever been to Watford once, that experience was giving me the impression that it’s very very similar to some of London’s regions.

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Yes but at that time houses were cheap. Even non council. My uncle used to rent £25 a month or so I read

i prefer the country side… i lived in the city for a bit in london for 6 months and it really made me depressed… i’m glad i’m back on the country side now…

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