"I've got nothing to play"

Is it happening to you? I have game library over 40games and I can easily subscribe to Origin Access to play even more. I’ve bought Guild Wars 2, all assassins creed games, gta 5, the witcher 2 and 3, hearts of iron, mount and blade, total war games. It’s just I feel I have nothing to play and I would feel being bothered If I forced myself to play anything. I remember when I was 16 I played one game in one night non-stop to complete it and now it takes weeks to complete like 40 hour game. Is it negatives or you think that I have had enough of gaming ?

I think only you can answer that question for yourself.

Or maybe you could try games that you don’t usually like; branch out and try something different?

That can re-spark interest to play something.

Otherwise, it’s really up to you to decide if you’re just desiring something else entirely.

Maybe play less and try other interests - unless you don’t have any. Then you might get depressed for a while and that’s still up to you to figure out.


I think playing games less is just apart of becoming older. I noticed I had less interest in games the older I got vs when I was 16 too. I think negatives from my medication made me have less interest in part too. I’ve been more proactive though lately and playing games more often. Sometimes I have to force myself to play something too. Cause the games ain’t gonna play themselves lol. I’m the same way now. Takes me weeks to complete games that should only take 40 hours total. I play just PC games on steam now. I used to be really competitive with call of duty modern warfare 2 and was really good at it.


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