I've got good news!

I’m going to be a Girl Scouts Troop Leader again.

Daisies. Kindergarten.

Meetings will be at the school about a block from my house.
Not sure when we’ll be starting, but
I’m already planning low cost crafts and games
suited for this age,

and soon I’ll do intro online classes for Leaders.
The coordinator wants to recruit another Leader with me,
and girls for the Troop. I can always work on this too.



Oh wow tht is amazing :slight_smile: That is actually a good idea… i used to be in brownies and girl guides… if my local one still there… i might consider.


Sounds like a pretty good way to keep you busy. Hope you enjoy it.


Nice one @Daze that would be a really good focus to have in your life.

Wish you all the best with it!

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I want to know about whether it’s ok to allow hugging,
especially after all this Covid time,

but also, I’m trying to help grow strong, emotionally centered girls.

With my son having Down syndrome, it took awhile to learn The Bump. And so many people thought or still think they should hug him.

congratulations …well done…how did you manage to pull this off during lockdown

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most likely it will go by the schools calendar,

that’s the way they’re doing day care centers in my state too.

That’s awesome, @Daze. Girl Scouts meant a lot to me when I was a kid. The leaders helped me develop.

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