I've gone on the e cig

After mutliple failed attempts to quit tobacco cold turkey I’ve decided to go back to the e cig. This seems to be the only long term plan that will work. It is also a lot cheaper than tobacco.


When I did jury duty I noticed this is quite common. When I went to the grocery store the other day a person filled up the whole door way with one puff of his e cig. I want an e cig like that.

The e cig always makes me feel a clean high when I first go on it. It feels great.

lol, I’m glad youre online. actually.

You know if I had any brains at all I never would have even signed that note? haha
AND I actually got arrested for that…

sigh you don’t have to keep talking to me… god know’s I don’t want to re-live the same thing from 10 years ago. At least my brain is actually recovering… but don’t tell that that it’s possible to the back biter over there.

I’ll just be drinking coke and watching movies with my cat and crying. =) All night until I pass out in the morning. =)

Hey look don’t feel bad right? at least your theories at least make a sliver of sense…

I can’t really say the same about anyone else… really…

and believe it or not I’m smoking turkish silvers right now… Such a curse… ?!

So embrace the truth of my theories and stop acting like you are mentally ill.

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Unfortunaly I’m stuck in permatrip if you will… lol… nothing I can really do about it except be patient and hope.

and who the F listens to this garbage…

I’ve never heard of a Leftist radical nazi

Just apply critical thinking. They are hacking your brain.

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LOL thanks man… I’ll ttyl… I don’t really wanna be here either honestly. On the internet on this website, to be precise. =)

btw you have a small ■■■■■.

lol, im kidding.

That sounds like sub ohm vaping, I’d honestly avoid it to begin with. The jury is still out on sub ohm vaping and it’s safety.

This is what I’m using:

Battery: innokin mvp 20w

Tank: innokin iclear30s

Been free of real cigarettes for well over 6 months.

Here’s a video about above ohm versus sub ohm vaping