Ive given up caring for myself

I still shower at least once a day and try to brush my teeth but ive been wearin the same hoodie and sweats for the past week, ive gone back on cigs, i barely get in 1200 calories a day and a lot of days i survive on just one meal, i never clean my apartment anymore, i still have clothes in the dryer from a week ago, i haven’t changed my bed sheets in a month and a half. This is it. Ive reached the lowest of the lows for me. And i dont even care. This is what i deserve. I cant even stand being out in public anymore i feel like a leper walking around. ■■■■ me right.

that’s not too bad. Two years ago I went four months without showering or changing my clothes, I was nasty.

The trick is to force yourself to do these things, if you don’t you will get stuck


In college I just woke up and wet my hair down and survived off of microwaveable mac and cheese. I wasn’t even psychotic at the time, I was just crazy depressed.

I’m not trying to downplay your experiences or suggest you don’t have it bad. I’m just saying it got better for me, and probably it’ll get better for you too.


You’re the same age as my son (who also has sz). It’s a tough age anyway, so throwing any other hardship into the mix only makes it harder. But routine is key. Yes, make yourself do the things you must do. Even if it’s just one of those things to start. Get the ******* laundry out of the dryer. Now you have clean clothes, so take a shower and put on some clean clothes. It sucks, @Kazuma, but you can do it. You don’t have to feel like doing it, but some things must be done. You must eat, so if there’s a place you can go to to eat something you like, then go there and eat something. Or just something at home just to do it. My son breaks my heart sometimes, (I know he doesn’t mean to, and I don’t tell him so). He deserves to be well taken care of, with clean bedding, towels, clothes, good food, clean hair and body…It’s hard to do sometimes, but he’s worth it and so are you. :heart: