I've gained 11lbs

Yesterday I found out that I’ve gained 11lbs since May and I’m still gaining I think… not sure as of yet. But I told my normal doctor about my worries bout my weight and that I have been working out and eating better and he said that I had gained 11lbs since May.

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CUz u sleep a lot.???

I can’t afford to sleep a lot I have a boyfriend and a job.


I gained 30 lbs since May…:frowning: I gained the weight so fast I now have awful stretch marks. I feel terrible. So don’t feel so bad about 11 lbs. For me 20 lbs was gained from risperdal and then when I went off meds I was hoping I’d lose weight but I went into a depressive episode, ate a lot of unhealthy comfort food and put on another 10 lbs so that backfired.

Do you think maybe your meds are causing it as well? If so sadly not much to do about it aside from continuing to eat well and working out regularly.

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I’m not sure. My doctor wants to see me again in 3 months to see if I’m still gaining.