I've found work arounds for some of the worst parts of my hygeine

After I found out I could bathe and do my hygiene routine daily if I go bath-> shower to adapt to the sensation of getting wet and control my sensitivity to the heated water I’ve really powered through some of my big check list items.

I’ve begun to go from bath into shower wash up to brushing teeth, and then rolling it into drying off with a walk with the dogs.

It feels like I’ve successfully tricked my brain into just doing these things and not thinking about them.

I can only hope that this becomes my new normal, because I want so much out of life that if I can’t get these basics down I’m screwed.


@Ryanana Good for you!

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That’s amazing!

I tried turning it in to a game when I clean my room. I listen to my favorite music. It has helped, but it’s still not perfect.

When I shower, I have to brush my teeth before usually or I get too lazy or forget.

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