I've fallen and I can't get up

Just some thoughts on today. I slept all day though my meds weren’t responsible. I thought of some religious quote about making my bed in hell and knew it didn’t apply. It’s funny everyone talks on this site of psychosis coming and going while mine seems permanent. I have the ability to function anyhow and no one believes I’m crazy, my voices don’t let me forget it, it’s good thing to know. I once heard someone in an NA meeting say a crazy person never knows he’s crazy. Most of the best things I know I heard someone say and not from reading. My fallen divinity is always the topic I think, and write here on this forum. My very realistic voices who have a life of their own are always trying to destroy me. I don’t work. I have to do something tonight, I won’t be able to sleep. I can’t get by doing absolutely nothing. Those people look really bad anyway. Even so, I never want to do a thing. I won’t ramble anymore, if you read this I thank you.


hope youre doing okay @Jinx

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