I've downloaded an audiobook on how to have out of body experiences

Ive no idea why I’m so attracted to this whole out of the body thing. But I’ve always been fascinated by it.

I can’t read due to concentration issues, but can listen to audiobooks.

I’ve studied out of body stuff before, but didn’t have much luck.

Same here, even although I have got many free books, I just can not concentrate and so I do not read …

Back in 1993 in America I got some audio materials from Zygon International, one recording was ‘near death experience’, I used to listen to those recordings ‘Supermind’ in the 1990s …

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I think we’re attracted to it because it gives us some hope of being in control of our minds.

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Depersonalisation and dissociation can be equivalent to an out of body experience. You can meditate oneself into an out of body experience too. Some people with dissociative identity disorder (DID) cannot meditate due to leaving their minds and bodies entirely. There are reports that meditation can accidentally trigger this and it is difficult to return to the body and mind, so be careful!

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I’ll be careful. But it’s like a “calling”. I feel it’s something I need to do. Ive always been interested in it, even before I was diagnosed.