I've discovered the source of the auditory hallucinations

I’ve finally figured it out after all of these years. It’s actually Santa.


If by Santa you mean Jesus I’m right there with you.

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Someone post a picture of Santa here pls. I don’t have the privileges.



He’s always watching…
Checking his list twice like who is he? Makes sense with his little green munchkin elf people at the NSA.


The plot thickens…,…

I say we take down that Santa man and take all his toys! Give them to the goblin children who never get Christmas…replace him with Chris Angel and make him the mascot of peace between man and supernatural beings…:sunglasses:

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Mrs. claus is disappointed.

is that ‘A’ he is wearing around his neck standing for Atheism or something?

It stands for angry. Also the red means angry. It’s all angry.

I actually felt like it was the inferior parietal lobule (IFP). I have pains in that region in the left hemisphere of my brain almost constantly.

It actually stands for Apple. His doctor gave it to him at his last checkup to remind him to eat an apple a day.

lol are you serious? the whole purpse of him wearing giant ‘A’ around his neck is to remind him to eat an apple a day?

Haha no I’m not serious , just messing :slight_smile: