I've decided to

i’ve decided to give the 150mgs another go. i had a chat with my cpn and she said it should level out and i won’t feel so much like a zombie soon so i’m willing to give it another try. i get my next shot on tuesday. wish me luck folks xxx


Good luck Jayne - Hope things work out for you -sometimes it takes some time for things to even out

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good luck, i hope it works for you.
take care

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Good luck! I bet you will be feeling fine soon!**

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Good luck! I hope you level out Jayne.

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I’m glad your going to give it one more try. I hope it does help. If it doesn’t, you’ll talk to your doc and find something that does.

I hope you’ll be back to your energetic self in no time.


its hard to know what to do,so i hope this all works out for you