I've decided this is crazy too

Been up half the night googling appendicitis and ovary pain trying to diagnose myself. That’s crazy. Was one of my kids I’d be in the ER with them hours ago, but since it’s me, google will do? I’m leaning toward ovary and going to the doctor today, but in retrospect, if you think you have appendicitis and don’t go to ER but go to google all night, you are schizophrenic? Hoping everyone has a great day. desimb

I’m the same. I don’t go to ER until someone drags me there. I hope your pain will go away and that it is not anything severe.

In my twenties i had severe stomach pains, my folks wanted me to go to the doctor, I went to see a doctor who was not my own, he said it was a stomach bug. To make a long story short, the pain continued for days. One night the pain was to strong, I finally gave in and went to the hospital. It turned out to be appendicitis. I had emergency surgery. I was minutes away from death, my appendix started to burst. I would go see a doctor

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