I've decided I'm done

Once I find a new job I’m going to put in my two weeks. I hate my job in miserable here. I know some of you mentioned cutting back hours but I need the full time hours and here when you work a shift you don’t go home when you’re scheduled shift ends, you stay until you get all of your work done. So cutting back can be hard.

Plus it’s not so much the hours or the job itself, it’s the management. I cant do it anymore. I’m tired of feeling like I’m just being taken advantage of. I’m tired of doing extra work because lazy people complained so management lessened their workload and added it to the people who already work their asses off. I’m tired of the no communication and management just doing what they want without telling us and letting us run around confused.

Today I found out that next week I have to work my normal shift, which is mainly showers and getting people ready, and I have to start another shift that’s mainly meds. It’s on a day that’s ridiculously busy for my normal shift and now I have to work a second shift at the same time. It is only for a little bit but it’s also ridiculous. The girl that’s supposed to be working that shift said she cant come until half hour late. She has a history of saying she cant come in when actually can simply because she doesn’t want to get up that early. But she’s the bosses daughter so she gets away with it and her work is thrown on me now.

I know a half hour doesn’t sound like much but it actually makes a huge difference so I’m gonna end up staying really late that day.

I know I’m not coping with everything as well as I should. It’s worse than I like to let on and even admit to myself. So I’m just done. I’m angry, I’m upset, and I’m tired.


It definitely sounds like you need a change. I hope your job search goes well


Good luck with your search. Just remember that no job is perfect. You’re gonna have issues with any job that you have but you still gotta pay the bills.


Thank you. I’m hoping to find a place a little closer to the school I’ll be going to

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Thank you and yeah. I just want to find a place with a few less issues than where I’m at now.

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