I've completely lost faith in people

I was watching a documentary about disability and someone commented, “Please know that having a disability is not your fault.” And someone commented under it saying, “No, let’s not say that to mentally ill people.”

Yeah, how are you ever going to tell me to trust you normies?

I don’t know if you’re going to attack me any second. How can you prove to me that you won’t degrade me?

I’ve been rejected from a school trip because I have sz. I’ve been kicked out of residence two times without causing trouble- just because you figured out that I have sz.

How are you ever going to make me trust you normies, huh?

You just want to hate, hate, hate all day. All you want to do is hate!

Oh yeah, I have a physical disability too. That gives you more reason to hate me.

I’ve completely lost faith in people and it’s better to not trust people ever again.
Oh, if you wondered, I hate me too. I hope you are happy.


Are you ok? I’ve had people call me crazy ■■■■■ . Screw those people. I have too. Lost faith mostly in humanity. I’ve been through hell. I’m sorry you’re upset. Hugs

No, I’m not ok. People just want to hate all day and night. I just can’t trust people anymore because the world never changes.

People make me puke. :face_vomiting: oh also people think I’m worthless so I’m worthless too.
People hate me so I hate myself.
Urgh my life is disgusting.


Yeah people suck. People here can’t drive.

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@anon10648258 I am so sorry things are going this way for you. It’s tough not taking on other people’s opinions of ourselves. It does discolor our thinking


Hi, yes the normies lol don’t get me started, they don’t know themselves what they are doing just reproducing and have a big fat mouth stigma against us. it’s not your fault,

I recently discovered my psychosis/sz could have been caused by lyme borellia virus, epstain barr virus, bartonella co infections, etc… propably have it my entire life or acquired in the woods as a kid, im responding to Lyme and anti viral treatments (anti biotic minocycline) this is how i found out about the lyme, psychiatry has helped with that. not anti psychotics took 8 off them and only the newer ones work like Vraylar 3 mg for positive symptoms but it’s so damn expensive. just be yourself, the normies aint worth feeling unhappy for they just sshles

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na you’re not worthless, they are

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You’re right. They are big time haters and try to pass themselves off as positive minded saints. I’ve had housing problems too, and never did a thing. They make up so much bull crap, just to make themselves feel good. They’re mostly upset about not making my life gross enough.

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