I've come to a creative block

Any artist out there probably knows what i’m talking about. I’m going through another phase where my depression is effecting my artwork. For the last 3 days I have created something new each day that has gone unfinished. Everytime I look at them, part of me is telling me it looks ok, but then my inner critic comes out and tells me it’s not good enough. I have declared that I want to be one of the greatest, part of me thinks that I can do it, but then my inner critic comes out and tells me that’s too hard to achieve. I just now got back into drawing, and I feel like i’m about to already lose it again.

With my writing I just put them aside till the mood hits me again. I have about 5 poems from several months ago from the same sort of thing your going through. I look over them every now and then but don’t get rid of them.and just put them in the unfinished pile.

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I’ve heard a lot of artist say they want to be the greatest… but no good artist seems to be appreciated in his time by his peers.

I think the things you’ve posted are pretty dang good.

My Dad is an art teacher and he does try and get people to separate the product from the process. It’s the catharsis… the inner howl that should be what the art is about. The product no matter how amazing can still be over looked by others.

Try ignoring your inner critic… not easy, but it’s the struggle of every artist and just put it out there. As long as you’ve got the technique… which you do… the rest will fall into place.

If you try to appeal and appease… then you muddy the waters of your own creativity.


Let your love of creation, desire for self-expression, and your inspiration guide you. These are the things that make great artists. Nothing you create from the heart can ever be “not good enough”.

Don’t get caught up in being the best. What does “the best” even mean? Art appreciation is so subjective. Chasing after perfection will only serve to sabotage your efforts.


if you are mediocre you can learn to be good
if you are good you can learn to be top bollocks at it

but if you are top bollocks you still can’t decide to be great

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**My sister is a painter. She starts a lot of projects and leaves them unfinished for awhile. Maybe it is not so much the critic…maybe it is just not finished yet. Sometimes you just have to look at it for awhile until you are inspired again