I've Come Really Far


I’m really proud of myself!! My mom went away for a class so I’m at the house by myself. I had to go shopping so I took a Klonopin and went out. Usually stores like Walmart and Shoprite freak me out because of the stim, but I was cool and collect. I was so at ease that I picked up some extra things I needed that weren’t on my list. This is a big step for me. Six weeks ago I was having trouble leaving the house, but not having any symptoms and going out with my boyfriend has shown me there is nothing to fear. I think something else that has helped has been the Lexapro. It has really calmed my anxiety, and she just increased it to 15mg so pretty soon I won’t even need the Klonopin. I hope all of you are enjoying today. :sunny:


Sounds good, SunGirl. I took Lexapro during the winter months and was very pleased with its affect.


Thanks chordy!! Lexapro is a good med, and has really helped with the psychosis which my pdoc thinks is caused by the anxiety. :sunny:


Another good thing about Lexapro is that I didn’t find it addictive. When the time came, I quit taking it with almost no problem.


Congratulations on doing so well. This is great news! :smiley:


That is awesome Sungirl! You must feel so free to be liberated from your anxiety and be able to go out to the store. Keep taking small steps and you will end up walking a marathon! And I’m glad the Lexapro is helping, but don’t give the meds all the credit— you are doing the hard work!



good on you, i am happy for you.
take care


way to go!! so glad to hear you are feeling so much better…just keep trying,don’t give up…


Thanks for the support!! It’s a small step but they add up. I’ve really come a long way.


So happy for you…good news on a fri. night!


Sometimes spontaneity works out VERY well.


Congratulation and wish you well