I've come over from psychcentral forums

What are the advantages that this forum has over the above said forum. Do you get more robust debate here , generally what kind of users does one get here. Any insights would be great. Thaks

I think this forum is much more active than the other forums I’ve checked out.


From what I know of psychcentral it has a stronger antipsychiatry element perhaps not surprising given the forums were set up by a psychologist.

Are you sure you wanna be here lol?

There is nothing wrong with being here.

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then what’s this other forum he’s babbling about?

cause when I hear central I get…(ansy)



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I shall note these things as a comic book guy from the simpsons would…

A lot of our forum users use their Cell phone to access our forums - so our forums are much easier to use when you’re not at your computer.

I also think we have a better community of users :-).


Yes - people generally respond to your messages within a few minutes, at any time of the day or night. Lots of people are very active and find this site very supportive.


In my experience, the other forum you speak of does not offer a lot of debate, discussion, insights, etc. The replies I got were essentially, “Talk to your psychiatrist,” which doesn’t make for a thriving, supportive community. However, here in these forums on schizophrenia.com, you get support, feedback, discussion, and much more. Great people participate here; well, rather, everyone here is great!

Personally, I like it here. :slight_smile:


i was on psychcentral…
the sz section was not existant…very few true sz
i actually found the site a bit creepy…and i am a sith.
the other sections were a bunch of people, some whinging about nothing in my opinion…
a very narcissistic environment.
the moderators let anything be posted…it was quite pathetic, and very pro medication, it felt like a permanent advertisement for big pharmas’.

i am not pushing this site, but this place has helped me heaps
take care


That’s great , thanks all. Yeah I found that forum eventually , to be unhelpful as I had gone down every avenue. The people were ok , but I take your point that it generally had low numbers posting. Thanks again