Ive believed some misinformation

Basically reading online about ap side effects has given me misinformation about it and it made me want to come off meds. I believed ap’s caused diabetes, high cholesterol and high blood pressure Basically metabolic syndrome and it scared me. My husband has talked me out of believing such things and he tells me to stay on the meds. Has anyone else experienced misinformation online about meds?

I think all of us have had that experience at some point.


The side effects from meds can be rough, very rough. But their benefits outweigh these negatives, life would be horrible without them. For me at least.

Also its worth mentioning that not everyone gets the bad side effects, i guess it depends on the luck of the draw with your genes.


I think your right @fingolfin but i believed for so many years that bad things would happen because of the antipsychotic i take


It’s actually not misinformation @Ducky
Most of the APs out there mess with your metabolism but you’ve got to combat the side effects through eating healthy and moving more.


Some time I feel the meds is placebo meds where people do it only when needed I am triggered means to say people arround me do it wanting-ly.

Then with more experience in sz I got to know it is a condition. But this is an ultimate realisation.

After that it should be difficult for sz to over power and meds do help. In the process.

My doc also said I have low BP and Diabetic because of AP.

He said to have salt pickle and go for long walks.

Edit : did you know insulin was one of the old treatment for sz

I do eat healthy im on a low gi diet and i walk places but weight is tough to budge and its unhealthy to starve the body especially with diabetes cannot crash diet with diabetes otherwise have a hypo

I dont understand now is the range of information about side effects broad and general so not specific to any individual. So if it says causes nausea for example it may be a small number of people?
Half the people going for depot with me are stick thin

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I try to live with the side effects that these psych meds cause

It’s vital that I remain on these meds

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Yes vital to stay on the meds im with you there


I came across anti vax covid stuff and was glad I only got two mRNA shots. Later on coming across the statistics and what most the doctors said I felt fine about getting them.

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I don’t know what to think anymore. It may all be random who gets what side effects from different antipsychotic. Some definitely can increase weight for some people and when combined with poor diet and sedentary life, leads to weight related problems like type 2 diabetes and high cholesterol etc. Some meds like clozapine can cause ekg problems etc

Im almost 100 pounds heavier than pre meds. Ugh.

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