Ive been watching criminal minds and

Ive been watching criminals minds recently and ive noticed a large number of the cases are dealing with people who have mental illness, are trapped in delusions, or even believe God is talking to them.

They rarely used the word schizophrenia but that made me wonder, and this is gonna sound weird, but would killing people or commiting other super extreme acts of what I think wed mostly agree are evil, would it temporarily lessen our symptoms?

I agree, I used to watch also Criminal Minds, but now they stopped its broadcasting and now they are broadcasting ‘Bones’ I do not like this Bones.

Personally I don’t think so.


And you wonder why many people from the general public have this notion that schizophrenics are all violent and dangerous. Its television shows like Criminal Minds that misinform and stigmatize the mentally ill - I used to watch it until every criminal suffered from some kind of psychosis - come on people lets get real


No, and here’s why:

a) It’s a work of fiction. You can’t manage your condition using fictional writing as a guide.

b) In real life, serial killers tend to ‘speed up’ before they are caught. The interval between their atrocities shrinks as their impulse control diminishes and their compulsions become more powerful. This indicates that if they are acting on voices or delusions, their actions probably make things worse, causing the deterioration usually seen at the end of a killing spree.

I personally avoid the show. Not that well written or interesting.



Thanks for the responses guys

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It would probably make the symptoms worse.

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