I've been taking 2 weeks colloidal gold for lyme and psychosis

2 days ago i felt it worked on restoring dopamine and my negative symptoms for a moment, now my condition has improved. If it is lyme with co-infections, my first test was positive, some people on this board might have the same condition and don’t know what to do. If you responded to minocycline for negative symptons in the past this might also help you for brain inflammation.

What I’m trying to explain is colloidal gold is known good for mental health, Silver not so but it’s also potent natural anti biotic. C. gold It’s supposed to help autism, depression, who knows psychosis on low dosages like 5 drops twice daily…

I can tell you honnestly that my depression has lifted from severe to mild and it is still improving ( I hope )


Please don’t encourage people to take COLLOIDAL GOLD.

It’s dangerous and can cause damage.


I’d recommend Daily Essential Nutrients by Hardy Nutritionals. It’s a highly bioavailable broad based multivitamin with lots of good studies and testimonials backing it. I attribute 60% of my recovery on it at least. If I stop taking it for a few days my mental state takes a sharp downturn. I tried replacing it with a Centrum and B-complex for a week and the same thing happened. This multi is indispensable to me, I think I’ll be on it for life.