I've been med-free for like a couple days now (Pdoc said so)


I’ve been without my injection for 2 days and I’ve not gotten any thing to tell you about symptoms or stories of them. The reason being is cuz my appointment was pushed back to a couple more days later on the week.

A little background on how I got diagnosed: I overdosed on adderall and boom, schizophrenia. I have had constant delusions and derealisation for 5 years. And they said my schizophrenia would clear up in 5 years. So I gave it time, and wow, what a wonder that happened- it actually worked.

I know none of you are pdocs on here but could there be some hope for me. Could my schizophrenia be a misdiagnosis for drug-induced psychosis due to my adderall overdose? I think like, it all happened right after that happened in my life.


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