I've been killed a million times but I'm still alive and kicking

Something about survival or persistence or something. Hanging in there or hanging tough or some rot.

IDK, I went into Burger King for ice earlier today and it was all good but the second idiot in one week couldn’t get his facts straight so we had a little nose to nose conversation.

I was mad because I asked for just a cup of ice and one guy OK’d it but I spaced out for a minute and got the ice out of the machine but I absentmindedly filled it with Coke. I pointed it out to the second kid and he said, “It’s cool, just dump it.”

So I poured it out but then the other kid got in my face and asked me what I’m doing. I explained I accidentally filled it up and the other guy just said to dump it. So the apparent PCP or LSD addict or glue sniffer (lol) decided to make an issue about it and said, “What other guy? There’s no other guy.”

I wasn’t sure he heard right so I repeated, “The other guy”. And we conversed in the restaurant until “the other guy” came out from the back room. IDK. I was pissed and angry and this guy was dead wrong.

So we peeled off from the discussion and he went back to his duties and I walked out mad laughing a little.TBH, I was angry but once I got in my car I laughed some more to myself because it was kind of fun. But that doesn’t change the fact that the guy was an idiot. It was Custer’s Last Stand and World War II all over again just because he was afraid I might get a free small cup of Diet Coke which is actually fast food restaurants most profitable item because each cup of soda costs them about 2 cents but they mark it up and sell it for $2.00 or whatever.

I just want to live a peaceful life. But this idiot was afraid I might get two pennies for free. Screw him, I was probably smarter than him. And definitely better looking than him. I’ll save my, “Yo momma’s so dumb” jokes for the next idiot.


Hahaha that is a funny story. Some people are beneath arguing with.


This is not really directly related to this story, but you can get any size soda for $1 at McDonald’s. Also, the local Carl’s Jr has the same $1 any size soda deal recently and they have both diet coke and diet Dr Pepper. Sugar free caffeine on the cheap!


Jack-in-the-Box now has the biggest variety of drinks than any other fast food joint I’ve seen. In fact they have that Holy Grail of soda that I haven’t seen elsewhere in the last 6 or 7 years. Diet Caffeine-Free Cherry Vanilla Coke. I’m thankful, they are DEFINITELY getting a Christmas card from me this year.


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