I've been here since Joey, even longer

The old site was organized into categories,

so say you wanted to talk about school or work,
you went to that section along with everyone else’s posts,

it wasn’t this chaotic endless stream of randomness.
One problem the site had was that it would go down

for sometimes weeks at a time, no access at all.
There were also lots of trolls on the site would do

bait and switch and nonsense, maybe not even real people.
I think might be one reason why sz admin. decided to create

a place with so many moderators, but back then, on the old site,
you never got suspended or banned, and you could pretty much

feel free to express your opinions. Everybody here today
talks about, Is Daze gonna get suspended today,

it’s a running joke. Not something I take well either. I was
suspended on Christmas Eve a couple of years ago,

just heartless. Anyone that’s my spiel. Thanks for reading.


Hey @Daze was up…???

good morning, thanks for reading my post.

I need more coffee.

how’s you?

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Haha G.M … its night time here…watching news on tv… hows ur son alec…!!!

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I still remember a selfie of you showing your “fingers” in a thread for moderators. If i remember well

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that wasn’t necessarily aimed at anyone,

just my shi-tty attitude about my situation in general.


Alec had to have his shunt replaced,

it was a major surgery. He’s still recovering,
and had 16 staples in his head

and about 20 staples in his abdomen.
My parents have sole custody now,

as his legal guardians too, since
they don’t want him around Phil.


This site is also organized in categories. You can click on the category under the thread title to only see posts in that category.

you mean when they pop up, and say someone posted something similar?

I don’t think I see a section though, and some of those are from months ago.

I like it this way. I find it’s easier to participate across the board with threads popping up from across sections than having to find sections and posts.


We had the most active creative section at one time,
it was filled with so much arts and crafts and writing.

the other thing I liked about it, is you had an option
to either comment on a post or IM that person privately.


So long as you aren’t listed as a new member, you can still PM people. :slight_smile: I do wish the creative section was more active, though. I like seeing people’s art.

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we also had a listing on it, of everybody that was on the site at a given time,

and you could IM them through there too.

I’m pretty proud of the wealth of information and experience I have,

and I’ve given good amount of time on this site.
But I leave for years a time.

It’s kinda rare that I’m back right now.


The world needs more coffee.


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Daze is back…

hi Daze, its got a lot more tighter controls, you have to tow the line or you get the smack down,

its not fair but its supposed to be better, safer,

still i wish i was able to discuss certain things but it is against the rules, people go insane at the g word lol, all their hair falls out and ■■■■ :joy::joy::joy:

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Goood god that’s not true… :astonished:

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you just made like a hundred people bald :joy::joy::joy:

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the wig shop will be doing very well :crazy_face::joy::joy::joy: