I've been feeling so aggressive today

I’ve been feeling so aggressive today. I was tempted to cut again, but because of my husband I don’t. I took an elastic band around my wrist and snapped it again today. I ran smack bang into walls, I danced wildly to music. I shook my whole body violently. I wanted to SCREAM. I felt crazy! My husband made me laugh when he told me to come sit next to him and then as I was snapping my elastic in front of him, he gave me a few quick slaps on the arm and asked if it helped me, which I said it did. Then he suggested I try to do a few push ups. I felt like a masochist! So aggressive! And yesterday I was moving in slow motion, my thoughts blank like anything. They seem to run on top of each other and die out midway, and I stare into space. Maybe my med dosage (which I myself lowered again to the original 400mg amisulpride) is not high enough and I need to return to the 600mg. I don’t know! I see the pdoc in late Feb again, so I’d better survive till then!

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Well at least you get to see pdoc
Myself only get see shrink once a year
Used to have a very good support nurse now I got a new one I don’t like so I see no one from mental health
Might try getting aggressive also

Don’t act on your most aggressive feelings! Try to keep your feelings in check. When you’re in this state you are more likely to do or say something you might regret.