I've been doing a lot of reading on STPD

There seem to be a decent number of theories regarding early development and trauma as being an important risk factor in the development of STPD, considering the social dysfunction that features in the illness. It says that remote and unaffectionate relationships during early development are a very broad theme in patients diagnosed. Growing up in a military family, I never kept any of my friends for over a year, because I changed schools every year until high school. My biological parents divorced when I was four, and my stepdad was barely old enough to drink when my mom married him. All my brothers have autism, as well. I can pretty safely say that all of my relationships during early development, except for my mom, were pretty remote.

Schizotypal seems to be very commonly comorbid or even misdiagnosed as OCD, because of intrusive thought content. I still don’t really think I have any compulsions, but intrusive thoughts are very common, especially under stress or when i’m around a lot of people