I've been delusional lately

I just burnt a friendship because of it. I told her if I didn’t stop talking to her I was going to end up dead or in the hospital.

I thought she secretly hated me and was constantly playing mind games and deliberately trying to upset me. It got to the point where it boiled over and I told her to go ■■■■ herself, she was ruining my life and that I hated her. She didn’t deserve that. I feel really bad.

I’m sorry about that… Are you sure aderall is a good choice for you right now? I’m highly skeptical about that, you need an anti psychotic not amphetamines.

Learn from your mistakes.

The adderall isn’t for the STPD, that’s what the trazodone is for. The adderall is to alleviate the cognitive deficits in my brain.

The symptoms from the concussion make the psychotic symptoms a lot worse, so much worse. Not only am I hallucinating and delusional, I can’t even process most of it and my brain scrambles for any solution, any connections. It’s like driving with a foggy ass windshield.

I was on adderall for a good week or so, and I felt so much better. There’s a hefty level of fear that comes with cognitive deficiency, it’s like you can only react a few frames behind what’s happening and you’re always afraid something is going to happen in those frames.

Honestly I probably need both, but i’m not sure what I would in terms of an AP

Another part that really ■■■■■■■ helps is that my divided attention is so bad now that if i’m talking and concentrating on thinking at the same time, I literally cannot process visual information. I can’t see anything

I am blind when I am talking to people. Do you know how ■■■■■■ that is?

I can relate to that…

That sucks man… What does your doctor say about this?

You guys always hear my symptoms before my doctor does. The time I post them on here is when i’ve actually processed them enough to explain it to somebody

It takes me a while to tell my doctor things, because I usually can’t remember when it happened

Write it down, make a list and show him.

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Although my doctors are considering the idea of adderall trazodone. I think if I can solve the deficits and remedy the insomnia and nightmares, I will be able to balance myself out.

I might need an AP, I might not

Her, all my doctors are ladies.

Also, you guys are my list

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You have to trust her though, you want to get better, not get worse.

I do trust her, she lets me have a lot of input in my therapy. I was the first patient they had for this program, my clinician used to be a prison counselor. I don’t know as much about my nurse practitioner, and I don’t see dr diamond ever. I think she oversees the program. I’m such a strange case. Starting off with a curveball lol

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Is there any way you could write your friend and apologize and let her know your going through some dark times and hopefully rebuild the friendship?

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I am sorry to hear about your friendship, I would recommend trying to call and apologize when you are feeling better.
I can relate to this right now because I have been very delusional lately and it is getting worse and my husband and I always fight when I am like this…
Talk to your DR about trying something like Risperdal it is an antipsychotic but it is sometimes used to help with things like very severe ADHD (off label use of course) but they might be able to substitute the Adderal for the Risperdal or even put you on both

They aren’t going to prescribe anything until the neuropsych testing is done, they don’t want it to impact the results. I’ve been unmedicated since august trying to get these appointments taken care of

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