I've been delusional at least 14 times in the last year

Is anybody else about the same?

You mean hospitalized 14 times? That’s a lot.
Without meds I am always delusional.
With meds rarely like 10% of the time.

No, I don’t mean hospitalized. I just mean being delusional. I mean coming in and out of being delusional in the past year.

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I am always delusional.

For me it depends on the presence of triggers like politics and religion. I can’t watch the news or pray/go to church, I get delusional, paranoid and hallucinate.


I can’t watch horror and blood or hospital/diseases shows/movies like Dr House or Gray Anatomy. It can cause my psychosis.

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No I’m not delusional that I know of. You should get your meds adjusted or something maybe.

Yeah, but I have already tried all the aps, and they have had terrible side effects. At least I’ve tried all the aps that I know of.

Have you tried Saphris?

Yes, I’ve tried Saphris.

Have you tried polypharmacy?

What is that? 1515151515

two antipsychotics at once, that’s what I do.

Yes, I’m already doing that. I take clozapine and abilify.


You are doing the best you can do. You just need as much support as you can get and to keep talking yourself out of the delusions the best you can.

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I’m sure it’s scary though.

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Some of my delusions are years old. Always been there since then. Even on meds. But less of a problem on meds. Off meds I get paranoid more.

@Aziz I can’t watch news or medical shows either. Sickness, politics and crime increases my anxiety and paranoia too

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