Ive b3en getting the train more

The train is pretty good and i get a massive discount to bc of my disability travel card, so i havent had to pay any parking charges, its a lot of money for parking and i have saved a lot of money getting train,

parking charges cost £4 50 for 3 hrs and i can obly stay for 3 hrs so i hVe to move my car as i yry and do a fill day now, 9-4pm so it can cost almost £10 a day for parking, train costs £1.50 return and i get some exercise.

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I take the train to my psydoc. He’s usually up to an hour late for a 15 minute session and parking in the city is hella expensive especially if your waiting. Our trains are good. Electric and air conditioned. It’s a smooth ride and our line is express so it’s like 45 minutes to the city over an hour all stops.

I go during the day and it’s usually pretty quiet which is nice in these days of pandemics. Plenty of spare room.

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Yeah its good, i’m not thinking about motorbikes as much now but its still there in the back of my mind, i’m hoping to get an EV car soon as well. but i’ll stick to the train, If was to add up the costs of paying parking as opposed to train its is around £50 pw for parking Mn-Fri as opposed to £15 by train and that doesnt include the price of fuel for the car.

I love to travel on trains, want to do it more, only been twice. Our city has good train lines

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