It's warm enough that i could begin

working on removing my garden. but i will probably wait to april, it will be such a pain and will probably take about 3 days, i should do it soon, so i can spread grass seed where the garden is. if i end up staying here i will replace my garden with kiwi plants on arbors. and i also have plans to put in about 60 berry bushes and some cherry trees, for plenty of homegrown fruit. i will have to get a job if i want to stay here, which i kinda don’t, just don’t have anywhere better to go that i can afford, and don’t want to move back to my hometown.


it will be easier to maintain the yard without the garden, i can just mow over the newly seeded grass and won’t have a bunch of weeds growing up.

Sounds like a big undertaking. Good luck to you.

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I want to plant some primroses and pansies. Also grow some lettuce and cucumbers.

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