Its up to you at the end of the day!

I was talking to my doc a few weeks ago, i have had schizophrenia for 26 years, he said to me that at the end of the day its really up to me if i want to improve my life, i agree with him, thoughts?

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I agree too, if it was said to me. With my current circumstances.

And with this statement running in back of my head.
" Only person in this world who can judge you is you.
Because no one was in your shoes more than you".

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It is too easy to wallow in self pity, i refuse to do that!

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I did not understand your sentence. Could you rephrase?
If possible, to better understand.

Hmm. . .

There’s A Quote From The Master Of Hip Hop.

The Controller Of The Wise Controller Of The Wise Controllers.

That Sing’s Virtue Almost In The Same Sense.

But!, I Can’t Remember How It Goes Exactly.

All I Can Remember It All Started With The Song,

‘Hail Mary’, (By) Tupac Shakur.

I Wish I Could Remember Which Album It Was Off Of.

But!, It’s A Great Tribute To The Grace Of Truth, Wonder, Hope, Love, Peace, And Nature.

Somewhere Within Let’s Say, ‘Nine Inch Nails’ And One Of It’s Album’s.

It Either Starts From The Bottom.


From The Top.

And Beyond The Underneath.

And Above The Beyond.

Either Way It’s A Great Quote.

The True TUPAC, Has A Great Way With Words.

Although, I Can Never Keep Up With The Pace.

It’s Like Trying To Draw A Picture Of One Of The ‘Squarepusher’ Melodies.


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Hmm?. . .

Thanx!, For The Like @A_B_C!.

I Also Agree.

Sometimes…, Sometimes Unusual…, Sometimes Unusually Sadly…, I Dream.


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Wallowing in pity won’t help much, I agree with that. As for improving life, I have a whole row of self help books on my shelf. I’ve read each one, and tried many different exercises over the years. I’m sure they’ve helped me in some ways, but they aren’t a cure. Some people go into remission, and others don’t.

My doctor thinks I’m in remission, because Abilify has curbed the delusions (I don’t get overwhelmed by them), and lowered the intensity of the voices. This doesn’t feel like remission to me. I’m living a half-life. I’m on 20 mg of abilify, and still have to deal with all its side effects like frequent headaches. These are increased whenever I “try harder” and do more activities than I should. I get much worse headaches.

I guess what I’m saying is: it’s up to each patient and their doctor to determine if they’re trying hard enough at the character side of things (like overcoming bad habits, and watching what comes out of my mouth). It’s unfair that ableists often point the finger at someone with a mental health problem and say, “You’re not better, and so this must mean you’re not trying hard.” Sometimes our best isn’t good enough, and only acceptance of our limits will bring peace.

I’m reminded of an ad that I saw promoting awareness of mental illness. It said, “Heart Disease. Just another excuse for people to be lazy.” It’s point was that people don’t insult those with physical health problems nearly as much as they target the mentally ill.

P.S. Sorry this is so long. I get carried away sometimes. :smiley:

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