It's time for me to work with what I have instead of wishing my life away

I met an old friend of mine tonight and we went for a drive. He’s doing quite well in life. But I ended up realising that it’s time for me to accept that I have a different life to most and I should

  1. be grateful for what I have
  2. work on improving what I don’t like
  3. Stop wishing my life away.

Good luck :clap::clap::ok_hand::grinning:

It is true.

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That’s the Way…

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That’s a good revelation, @everhopeful. I hope that brings you happiness. :heart:

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Let go. Sometimes ppl make u hype up reality, fall for the hype and u surely will fall for anything. Have u heard that if a blind man follows a blind man they both fall in a pit.


i am sorry everhopeful that you are hurting so much that you sometimes wish your life away.

the competitive spirit is a killer.

hope things get better for you. you have a good attitude.