It's the little things

Somebody drops a pill and the dog is standing there ready to lick it up as we try to find it. Lucky this time - we found it. But things like this go on all day. I’m just not used to LIFE.

Is this what made you think about dying?

I should add that the provider is easily upset - over every little thing and I’m starting to take on her characteristics. This is because I was so psychotic when I came here ( 14 years ago ) and she did much work to bring me back to life. But her life has become much more chaotic since then and I’ve had to lessen my expectations a lot. Many providers would not have accepted a client who is on oxygen but she did. That’s the way she is. I both love her and am dismayed by her.

I am glad you have someone so caring in your life. Everyone deserves to have good people like that rooting for them.

Yes, but she’s not an angel, she’s only human. Which makes it real, and reality is difficult for me. I get a headache even when the news is good. :slightly_smiling_face:

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