Its still hell here and i dont have the forces to go outside :/

I just lie in mybed with my games on facebook and it sucks… yeah,what a nice thing the schizothing ,ouch, it hurts

I only leave the house a few times a month. At least you have something to pass the time with those Facebook games. I just watch TV and listen to music.

yeah, its something I know :slight_smile:

I’m sorry, @Anna10. I’ve been paralyzed before too and it does hurt. I still have days when I have to isolate. It feels impossible to go outside, and all the expectations of everyone and everything seem to be pressing on all sides. It’s actually, I believe, appropriate to shut down and reboot at times. Don’t get too down about it if you just need a break. Maybe make little goals for upcoming days to work your way toward the living again? :heart:

yeah, paralyzed, the exact word, heh… ill try to get over it… I was too suicidal at the times, ■■■■…

I didn’t mean to get over it :blush: Actually to be kind to yourself and allow yourself the times of rest that you need. You genuinely need those times. But, it does hurt, and working your way gently out of that stifled place will hopefully help you to feel better. I have every compassion for you, @Anna10. I have struggled on a very long road. It’s not at all easy. I wish you sunshine and fresh air and new hopeful feelings :heart: