It's so messy outside

I can’t drive my car like this. The washer fluid is full and I think the previous owner put summer stuff in and it froze. Can’t do without fluid when there is slush everywhere. Good reason to not go out.

is there snow on the ground? If so throw some on the windshield and wipe clean.

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The thing is I can’t stop constantly to clean the windshield and within a block it’s covered again because other cars ahead of me splash slush on the window. It’s close to impossible to see.

I didn’t even know there was a special windshield wiper solution for winter until i went to Michigan with my parents a few years ago and theirs froze up. My brother informed us we needed to buy the kind with antifreeze in it. I’m from SC…what did i know?

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Here it’s really important. Ì always use winter all year round but i didn’t buy this car a long time ago. Some people use water in summer.

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