Its so difficult to find a really good Therapist

I am in the process of finding another therapist.

There are not too many of them that accept my insurance plan (Medicare)

It seems that the really qualified ones cater to the rich - accepting a limited amount of Insurance plans - they want cash.

Its so frustrating finding a good doctor! I am about to give up and just stay with my current therapist and use self help books and materials and help myself out.

Most therapists are full of ■■■■ anyway - I might just see less of her, like twice a week or once a month to report to her.

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I don’t know we’re you live but there are some resources for you to locate one in the U.S… Every state has a department of community health, licensed clinicians have to keep their license and credentials with them, you can find out if the have ever had disciplinary actions taken again them, the state of their malpractice insurance and if they have ever used it. Many clinicians advertise on sites such as, others go by physicians referrals or being a approved provider for certain insurance agencies. When a patient of mine left the state I would always recommend calling the local University or hospital. Medicare has a referral service to providers approved by them.

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I’ve been offered therapy recently. I just can’t see what they can do for me they can’t change anything and I doubt they can change the way I feel.

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You’re absolutely right, the only person that can change the way that you feel is you.

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I’ve jerry-rigged my psyche. It is like how the router and network used to be set up at the office. We finally got a guy in here to fix it.

I’ll probably up my crazy to get one of the teaching psychologists at my school. I want only the best this time around, no students!

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With increasingly good reason. Medicare is the absolute worst to deal with. They so often run you through so much ■■■■ to get your money that it’s actually easier to see the pt pro-bono and charge the richies more to make up for it.

HOWEVER, there is hope on the horizon in the form of the New Approach. Which is to guide the pt through group workbook activity. Medicare is getting more and more hip to this, and is paying more and more readily for this approach. AND, some therapists charge so little per session with a “skills training class” of ten or so, that insurance is not really necessary to cover the cost. (Most of these deals are only available at large group practices or in psych hospital OP clinics.)

And besides that, the workbooks almost guarantee that something useful will take place, instead of the patently useless b------t that passes for billable “therapy” with Medicare about a third of the time.

Use this to find a therapist who practices that way:

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