It's snowing here in Texas

I know I said I like snow and stuff but holy ■■■■ it’s ice and snow blowing snow. Stay inside. Almost fell and hurt myself. Whew. Who’s in snow where?


Snow today here in Arkansas, with leftover ice from last week. Then more snow Wednesday and Thursday.

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Yea it’s even in bbc news about texas being really cold… So it must be pretty cold for them to report that on the world news… Stay warm…


I’m in Michigan. We get snow all winter. Ice is a problem too


It has snowed a few times in the last week, for a total of about 12 in. It is also dropping down into the -20 s overnight. God, I love my wood stove!!


UK… We had snow for couple days too but it melted today. Still was very cold though


Are the snowflakes bigger in Texas?


We are in a deep freeze here in Minnesota. Haven’t had anything more than a dusting of snow for the past several weeks.

Hope you don’t have to go anywhere. Best to stay off the roads if you aren’t used to driving in it.


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This just came into my news feed right this second.


I like the momentary silence and just looking around.


There is something magical about a gentle snowfall, isn’t there


Not a single snowflake where I’m at in Phoenix

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I live in New Jersey. We’ve had a lot of it this month and had some in the forecast but I hear it’s turning to rain.

Funny thing about it is my dad shared that the snow on a roof can absorb rain like a sponge, they weigh on the roof and there’s always a couple stories every year when roofs cave.

I wish he hadn’t given me that to think about.


My friend is in Dallas. He sent pictures of the snow.

We’re snowed in. Buses aren’t running and they just said that they’re not going to plow residential streets until it stops falling, which could be days. Victoria British Columbia

we’re in Oklahoma and it’s colder here than in Texas I bet…snow here too and four more days of it before it’s over…not happy but staying warm and positive.

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Since I’ve been alive it hasn’t snowed in San Francisco during that time but my parents own a cabin 3 hours east and it snows. There was ice in 2005 in San Francisco but I don’t think it’s snowed here in a long time

I hate the snow

I am in Canada so lots of snow and cold is expected. The last week was cold, -20C to -30C. Today it started to warm up -12C to -15C.

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