It's quite normal to be a little paranoid

When things don’t work well and paranoia takes control of thoughts usually mens paranoia could be true to some point. It’s just ok to have personal beliefs about some things whether you are wrong or right. I am not encouraging anything that could trigger someone else, just generally speaking. I think it’s healthy to be a little paranoid, even normal people experience it but less than schizophrenics. Now i have paranoia about smoking cigarettes, how it affects my money and my health in first place. I decided to quit, at least I’m trying to change something because now things are not good and im willing to take it with small steps. If i notice improvements this means in my case some paranoia is beneficial. It’s my personal belief I don’t suggested to others to become paranoid or similar. Cheers


Exactly. It’s quite normal to be a little paranoid. That’s why i say with proud and some certainty: i had two agudizations for sure, but it was treated with AP and now i’m a very normal person. However, i now i had just a little brain disfunction and other people have worse mental problems than me unfortunally. Sometimes i feel bad for complain here

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What does it mean this word agudization?
I was referring to paranoia regarding smoking. They say “smoking kills” i think this is a little paranoid belief from normies, we know people start smoking age around 20 and continue smoking till 60 and they dont die because of cigs.

I was saying that i had two paranoid episodes that were treated with AP. One episode (agudization) in 2014 and one in 2016. It last 1 month each. Now i’m totally in remission. About smoking, i never smoked, i didn’t have paranoid thoughts about it. But i’m nursing student and i know it harms the lungs and heart etc…

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