It's possible that I have covid

I’ve had the worst cold for about five or six days. I’m starting to wonder if it could be a case of covid. At first I thought there was no way I could have it because I had never got close enough to anyone for them to breathe on me. But then I remembered that I had been using these used Symbicort inhalers. There were a lot of them stashed away in a drawer in my room, left by the person who lived there before me. I could have gotten covid from those inhalers. I suppose I will just wait and see. There isn’t much else I can do.


You should see a doctor or nurse practitioner. Here in Arkansas they can test you for COVID at pharmacies. This may vary depending on the state you live in though.

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Covid doesn’t love on surfacesfor long. I doubt it was the inhalers.

Also, that’s pretty gross. Why would you do that?


I do it because I need the Symbicort inhalers. They started out letting me have these inhalers, but then they quit. Without those inhalers I can’t walk a city block without having to bend over and gasp for air. Life is bad. I know that using other people’s inhalers is gross, but it’s no worse than French kissing on a date.

How ofte. Are you using rhem? Symbicort os only supposed to be used 1 or 2 times a day

I had Covid like a year ago. It was horrible. It felt like a major version on the flu. Just separate yourself physically from other people, get lots of rest, and in a few days it should be gone.

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I’m using them 2 times a day.