Its poison

I started taking meds again a few days ago. Zyprexa 10mg prozac 20mg.

Everything is spinning, My teeth are moving.

the walls melt and the red sun appears. its still happening.

i can feel it poisoning me. My heart is beating faast i feel nauseous.
there is only one thing left to do.

whoa! hold on hunni…give the meds a chance! uv been on them only a short while and there r a lot of different meds to try. don’t give up so quickly. it’s ok to not have success straight away. just try and chill and relax. give the meds a couple of months and of they don’t work then try something else. always here if u need a chat xxx

Give it a while to work. You will feel better.

Switch out. I couldn’t take what this one med was doing to me so I switched. That might not be good if most meds don’t work for you, but if you are having fairly good luck like I do, go for it.

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Meds are poison - toxic. I just got my blood test results back, it seems my liver enzymes are elevated. That means my liver is probably damaged from all of the meds I’ve been on over the years. I am really tired of this ■■■■. i swear Im thinking about going off of my medications - I would if I could. my blood sugar levels are high and I have bad cholesterol and high triglycerides, all due to the meds. The family physician wrote in black ink on the blood test results - fax the acting psychiatrist

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Proof-how are you feeling today?
I am thinking of you. Have you been able to talk to the doctor?

She just gets mad when i tell her that i want to stop taking the meds due to side effects. Thats why ive been un medicated for so long in the first place. The last few days they have made me feel like i have the flu. I have had my flu shots so i know its unlikly that i actually do have the flu, but i do have a fever and my whole body aches, cant swallow ect.Dont know how people put up with this ■■■■.

p.s ive calmed down a lot since i typed this thread yesterday, been going up and down a lot

It is poison yes.

Had to weigh that against being tortured though.

If i don’t take them they will hurt me badly.

I’ve had the flu even though I had the shot. But it’s not as severe as without the shot. I was okay in a week instead of being sick for two weeks.