It's pathetically too easy to screw up in this "Life"

Right? It’s too easy to go down the wrong path and really change your life for the worst.
Temptation is everywhere, drugs, sex, violence, the wrong person. etc.There’s a thousand pitfalls to navigate your way through.
Of course, the other side of the coin is that it’s possible to have good things happen to you too.


Or it’s to easy to not know that ur screwing up… Whichever path u go down u tend to not know u need to turn around till the end…

I think I’m doing fine with some things and I also think I’m screwing up with other things.

I think without being a Good Girl during lead up to exams or starting A levels and going back to abstaining - (not having friends helped) as an aspie and psychotic teens

Without some direction Id have lost completely to alcohol

Half bottle of spirits daily plus plus

back to school - no booze