It's one heck of a wind storm we've got going here

The gusts are scary bad. It just knocked the power out for a few seconds. I was like oh thank God it came back on. It’s freaking my kitty out , she’s sitting here with her ears pinned back. She was out in it for awhile but came running back in, something’s got her spooked pretty good. It’s not as bad as one we had last year but it’s not over yet either.


Don’t blow away leafy!

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Stay safe @Leaf!

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I’ve been in severe storms before like tornados etc. Nature is so powerful. I hope your safe

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@Bowens @ZmaGal @Wave It died down now , the weather channel shows us at 30 mph, I don’t know what the gusts were up to before, I couldn’t find anything that said specifically, but there was a high wind warning.


I’m glad it calmed down

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We’re getting some up here too. I had to fish the sunshade and it’s metal base out of the pool after it got knocked down.


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