It's official


I faxed over the VA agreement to my college today.

Now I just need to wait for the veteran’s office to send in my enrollment certification.

So I’m going back to school!

I’m taking two 8-week long classes. And they’re both online!

Wish me well friends!

:heart: :v:


Good luck! :smiley:


Best of luck @Montezuma ! :sunny:


All it takes to pass school is effort imo. If you try, you shall succeed. Just push through the assignments. Good luck!


Good luck Monte!


Good luck, @Montezuma,

I’m pulling for you!


Good luck!!! 1515


Congratulations, @Montezuma! Make sure you take full advantage of it! I look forward to hearing how you are doing at school. :open_book:



Congratulations !!

I’m glad the VA is taking care of you. There’s only a handful of ex-military members on this website who actively post (we’re the best of the best), so I’m happy for you.

Take advantage of every benefit the VA offers. You deserve it. :+1:


Thank you to everyone who replied to my thread.

You all are awesome! :+1:

I really appreciate the support I get from you all. Very cool. :slight_smile:

Much love,

  • Monte


well good for you !! I know I couldn’t possibly do that…


Thank you @jukebox!

I’m a little nervous haha. But both classes are online. One of the classes I’m signed up for is discreet math. But I think I’ll do fine in it.

Take care my friend. :v:


Wishing you the best @Montezuma!


Thank you @eighteyedspy23! :blush:

It sure is going to be nice to be back in some sort of routine.

Take care my friend :v:


Yaaaaaaaaaaaay!!! Super pumped on your behalf! I know you want this! Go get your diploma!! You got diz!!


You being super cool in school!!!


Hahaha :smile: Thank you so much @HQuinn!!

It’s an associate of science degree. But I only need to do like 5 classes to complete it! Yaaaaaay!

Take care friend :v:


Good Luck, I hope you do really well. :congratulations:


Congratulations @Montezuma!


Congrats and good luck with the study!!! Remember to keep your stress low and your spirits up! I’m sure you’ll do well!


That’s awesome! You’re going to be a college graduate in the blink of an eye.