It's official: Pets benefit our mental health

Overall, the review found that pets helped these participants to manage their emotions and offered a distraction from the symptoms of their mental health condition.

The pets were perceived as providing unconditional love and support and helping to ease feelings of worry, distress, and loneliness.

Additionally, some owners said that their pet forced them to stay connected with the outside world and engage in physical activity. Some pets — such as dogs — were found to encourage social interaction and strengthen community ties.

Having a pet also helped the people to keep a strong sense of “identity, self-worth, and existential meaning.”

Growing up I loved the family dog and cat. It’s sad when they get older and live 1/5th as long as you. I really would like a dog. Maybe one day.


I grew up with alot of animals. Guinea pigs, a hamster, cats, fishes and a dog.
Live with two cats now, they are nice pets.

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