It's not that I'm such a good cook

It’s just that I’m willing to do it.


I have been a dishwasher, prep cook and line cook in restaurants. I know my way fairly well around the kitchen. Baked salmon with a red wine reduction lentils is a dish i like to cook when I’m feeling fancy (the trick to the salmon is to use a bay leaf, cracked black pepper and cook it on a cedar plank).


Heyyyyyy. Fellow line animal.

:fist_right: :fist_left:

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What up!?!?!?! The line is where all the action is.

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I earned my journeyman’s chef ticket back when I was 23, then was seriously injured in a kitchen accident. Ended that career on me - no longer physically up to it.

Losing that still grates on me a bit every day.

Sorry to hear that. The kitchen is a hazardous place. I miss it but the chaos oh my jeebus was there chaos!

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