It's not suffering it's just weird, the universe is demon-windy

it’s not suffering it’s just weird, the universe is demon-windy,

and of course you complain and cry out for help,
but eventually you realize there’s nothing they can do to help,
or that you can do either,
it’s the demon wind, it comes and goes,
might as well just smile into it and wave,
it’s weird, but it’s real,
and we already tried running away from it…

personally i think they should have explained it to us early,
the demon wind, this suffering can’t be new,
with their billions-of-dollar education system,
with the parenting and sermonng and lessoning,
they could have spared us the euphamistic fairy tale attitude
about our learning matter choices,
it’s like the philosophical director of education is from the PMRC or the moral majority,
because they couldn’t but they should have told us clearly that the demon wind blows,
that is part of this experience we were beginning,
that hiding from it may be a temporary early option
that a few may get away with for decades or the rest of thier lives,
but that the option to hide will run out for alot of us before our time does,
it doesn’t go away, and it blows differently for different people, which can be confusing,
and it’s not random - the demon-wind - it blows harder after you initially let it,
you might call it, might stumble into it, more challenging is to withstand and conquer it, but ultimately that’s what you have to do if you already find yourself feeling the demon wind draft.
It doesn’t just go away, the universe is demon-windy, and if you open a window it’s extremely difficult to close it, i don;t want to say ‘impossible’ cause the wan wu honeycomb is the alchemy chamber/all things are possible with god, but i can’;t imagine how you’d get the mental toothpaste back in the tube.

So when you learn to smile and wave in to the demon wind,
you’re not cured, exactly,
but now you aren’t crying about the wind,
or letting it push you toward killing yourself and others,
like it likes to do,
demon wind that it is,
motivated war between species
that the demon wind prosecutes across our space and time,
(from the fungal side!)

this is the only way to go, it’s not like we had a choice,
and the nice thing about smiling and waving out the open universe-window,
is it makes you kinda magical;
most people keep the curtains pulled down,
or calcify that pineal gland window with SSRI’s and antipsychotics,
problem is it’s disconcerting cause the others from the 1% sz people
are atomized, not working together, so you tend to feel lost and confused among the muggles,
wondering what’s wrong with you compared to those you try to be with,

and that billions-of-dollars education system might point out that opening that window
to the universe is an option with repercussions to consider,
accomplished by various means,

(don’t hide it from us and leave it up to the demons to teach,
imagining us to be oblivious as if the pineal gland is already calcified just from your delusional wishing it)

we’re born in a protective egg, i’m told, windows there but shades pulled down for the nursery kids. Some stay situated peacefully with the shades pulled down forever, and really have no idea what we are talking about with this mysterious “sz” stuff - these people are the pdocs, among others; and then there’s the group wthat by either will or mistake punctured their egg.

Some of us ate away at it and stripped it all off like the protohumans who sat at the proto bar drinking proto alchohol and ate their own tails off from lack of self control like it was a game for multiple generations, till heaven took their tails away, the hell with your balance with the earth, get an all lopsided head, you loose the right to tails, you ungrateful proto humans suffering from consumption at the proto bars in the proto jungle drinking proto wine you call oon too woon tooo (and you DO know what you’re talking about when you say that!)

And then there’s this group that by will or mistake punctured their egg. I remember when the shamans stared telling me i puncutured my egg, i felt bad till i though up the line “isn’t it true, escape-driven cracks complete the egg?” and that stumps the shaman; a bird has to hatch, can’t stay in the egg forever.

So for better or worse, some of us have radically altered our destinies, and cracked that egg, like said the wan wu honeycomb is the alchemy castle, but i’ve never heard of putting humpty dumpty together again; time only goes in one direction, egg broken doesn’t move in reverse unless time does, your egg is locked in the Past, broken, and that’s how “stuff” gets in no matter what you do in the present.

And it’s still a long way from there to being ok with not having an egg, and twisting and turning in the demon wind without shaking up heaven and earth in the slightest, just smiling and waving while riding on the back of the black bull of true unified reality;

all the saints know it, you gain magicality by vibrating peacefully in the demon wind. If you can hold it together, in ways you were never taught were possible, you can build a reservoir of magicality and come to the aid of mankind and the universe around you, and live as long as heaven and earth.

Lisa simpson knew it, and the girl who created our lady of lourdes grotto knew it, they absorbed the demon wind from their ostracizing peers, then went off in to the corner to do magic with the stuff they’d collected by vibrating peacefully. Lots of kids learn it intuitively, I remember practicing that very early in the catholic schoolyard.


You can’t alter destiny.

We didn’t radically change anything at all.

I don’t believe in eggs, there never were any eggs really.

There are no doorways, or barriers, no bridges, no shields.

They just come for those that they want, nothing more to it really and nothing else involved.

And no that isn’t how “stuff” gets in, they come and go whenever they wish.

it’s just demon-windy out here

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